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Explore the city via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides
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Weekly Walk in the city of Amsterdam

Do any of the following sound familiar? 

  • You’ve lived in Amsterdam for some time now, but haven’t really taken the time to explore?


  • You go for walks in your area, but they are starting to get old?


  • Walking routes and city guides only take you to the hot spots?

The Weekly Walk is just what the doctor ordered!

Explore the city of Amsterdam via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides of Amsterdam Experiences. Sign up and walk in Amsterdam with our free Weekly Walks.

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What is it?

Every Saturday morning you get a cool walking route in a different part of Amsterdam sent to your inbox. They’re made by our professional guides and the routes take you to all the cool local spots in the city you’d easily miss. We also organize live walking tours monthly for social interaction.

When you sign up, you get 
5 walks for free as a sign-up bonus just to get your started.  

What do the Walks look like?

  • Using our vast knowledge of the city, we develop exciting walking routes throughout Amsterdam filled with lots of hidden gems
  • The walks are a full loop, so you can start anywhere on the route
  • Each walk is between 30-60 minutes so you can do it during a work call
  • You receive your weekly walk straight into your inbox on Saturday morning for a fun start of the weekend
  • We commit to the weekly walk for at least 30 weeks, and we hope a lot more.

Is this a free service?

Yes it is! However, we do provide an option to donate. Of everything that we receive, we donate 20% of our proceeds to charity – a different one every month.

Join a guided tour and meet others

Would you like to do one of the weekly walks with a local guide, meet other Amsterdammers and learn more about a certain neighborhood?

Then register via Meetup for our guided tours. At least once a month you‘ll be invited for a 2-hour walking tour. 

The guided tours are donation based, (whether you give 10, 20 or more, is up to you!). If we have more than 15 attendees we will start with more guides to keep it personal.

Thank you for your consideration and enjoy the Weekly Walk or the Guided Walks in the city of Amsterdam!

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These are some of the highlights you can expect
on our walks in Amsterdam

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Join the free guided tours. At least one time per month in another Amsterdam neighborhood!

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