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Walking Tours in Amsterdam

Explore the neighborhoods of Amsterdam with over 30 Free Walking Tours in North, South, East, West and City-Center. Choose an area in Amsterdam and start exploring history, hidden gems and our best recommendations. Enjoy your walk!

Join our guided walks, every Sunday Morning in another part of the city and pay what you want

The Best Free Walking Tours in the City of Amsterdam

Do you enjoy exploring and walking in the city of Amsterdam and meeting fun people while you’re at it? Then our app, newsletter and our Walking Tours in Amsterdam are for you!

What is it?

a. Guided Walking Tours in the city of Amsterdam: Every week on Sunday morning, we organize a guided walking tour somewhere in the city. See our schedule on this page. We make sure the groups stay small to keep the personal touch you are used to from us.

After exploring the city together, we always end with drinks to solidify the new friendships we have made! All the walking tours are free, we ask for a donation at the end of the tour. Join other explorers here to see our schedule of the Guided Walking Tours in the City of Amsterdam


b. Explore yourself via this site our iOS Weekly Walk app
If you don’t have time to join our walks, feel free to do them yourself. We published over 25 walks on the website. You can also download our new iOS app in the AppStore. Download the Weekly Walk app

c. Free walking routes sent to your inbox: Explore the city of Amsterdam via short, curated routes brought to you by our professional tour guides. Sign up below and walk in Amsterdam with our free Weekly Walks.

What do I get when I sign up for the free walking routes?

Every other Saturday morning you get a cool walking route in a different part of Amsterdam sent to your inbox. They’re made by our professional guides and the routes take you to all the cool local spots in the city you’d easily miss.

When you sign up, you get 
5 walks for free as a sign-up bonus just to get your started.

What do the Walks look like?

  • Using our vast knowledge of the city, we develop exciting walking routes throughout Amsterdam filled with lots of hidden gems
  • The walks are a full loop, so you can start anywhere on the route
  • Each walk is between 30-60 minutes so you can do it during a work call
  • You receive your weekly walk straight into your inbox on every other Saturday morning for a fun start of the weekend

Is this a free service?

Yes it is! However, we do provide an option to donate.

We hope to see you soon!

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Walking tours in Amsterdam
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