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How to get tickets for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam


“Can you please tell me how to get Anne Frank House tickets?” As a tourguide in Amsterdam this is maybe the most asked question you will get. Even more for our guides, because we offer a highly rated Private Jewish History and Anne Frank Tour. We can only give you the best advice, Anne Frank House tickets are strictly personal.

How Do I Get Anne Frank House Tickets?

Due to the capacity of the Anne Frank House, only about 1 million people per year can enter the house and museum. The Anne Frank House is just in an old and narrow canal house. The visit of the Anne Frank House is impressive and a must do in Amsterdam, so how to get these tickets?

Only Anne Frank House tickets online

For several years you could get tickets by standing in line in front of the House. Since 2019 the only way to get Anne Frank House tickets is online via the official website of the Anne Frank House.

They sell online two different types of Anne Frank House tickets at the website:

  • Regular house and museum visit (includes a free audio guide of the Anne Frank House). Visit is about 60 to 75 minutes for most visitors.
  • Introductory programme including the regular museum visit (this is a 30-minute video about Anne Frank before the regular museum tour where you’ll have an audio guide).

Both of these tickets are valid for a specific timeslot and date. This slot is only 15 minutes to get inside the Anne Frank House. Due to the restricted capacity, you have to be on time. If you are late, they won’t let you in anymore. Tickets are in your own name and are non refundable and you can’t change them for another timeslot. So think wisely about the time and day you want to enter the Anne Frank House. To buy tickets you can use a creditcard.

I’ve found that there is always some beauty left – in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you.

Anne Frank,The Diary of a Young Girl

When Should I Book Anne Frank Tickets?

In peak season (March to Oktober) there is a chance the tickets are sold out in several hours. There is even the change that you have to wait in an online waiting line before you can get the tickets. If you are through the line, make sure your creditcard is nearby. Tickets are only 10,50 euro each for adults.

80% of the tickets for Anne Frank House are released exactly 2 months in advance. So at April 10th they start selling tickets for June 10th. The sale starts exactly at 12am Amsterdam time (GMT+1). The tickets can get sold very fast, so set your alarm if you want to make sure to get tickets for the day of your visit.

Corona-update: the Anne Frank House opened again in June 2020 with limited capacity. That means that for now 100% of the tickets are sold in advance until further notice. So at this moment there are no ‘last minute’ tickets available.

Last minute Anne Frank House Tickets

If you didn’t succeed, there is a second option. 20% of the tickets are released on the day. This means at exactly 9am in the morning they sell tickets for the same day. It is very hard, but there is small chance you will still be successful. The timeslots will come available are for the afternoon (starting at 12.30am) shortly after 9am. Most probably you will end up in a waiting line because of thousands of people from allover Amsterdam trying to get tickets. Be patient, maybe you have a lucky day.

Still no Tickets? We have good alternatives

Didn’t you succeed, or no belief in the last day sale? If you book our Private Jewish History Tour we can get you very specific advice. With this advice, last year almost 99% of our guests succeeded in getting tickets. And the tour is also the highest ranked cultural tour in Amsterdam at TripAdvisor in 2019.

Another option is to go for this alternative tour: ‘Anne Frank’s early life and the Anne Frank House in Virtual Reality’ We provide a great alternative to experience the hiding place of the Frank family in our innovative Virtual Reality Tour of the secret annex. You will stroll through the neighborhood where Anne grew up. After a nice drink we will get you VR glasses to go on our immersive journey through the secret annex. We provide the goggles and headsets for you to assure a truly personal and immersive experience.

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