Silent Disco walk, Dancing in the Streets of Amsterdam

Silent Disco Walk,
Dancing in the Streets of Amsterdam 

Do you want to get jiggy with it, live the vida loca, or just dance to the beat of your own drum? Then this is the tour for you! In this exciting Silent Disco Walk, Dancing in the Streets of Amsterdam we explore the more hidden spots of the city, while our high-tech headsets fills your body with beats.

What are we going to do?

You will enjoy the high-energy playlists with our eclectic mix of songs, varying from pop to disco, electro, and some good old classics. Singing to the songs is not required, but highly encouraged in our Silent Disco Walk.

We start behind Central Station on the side of the ferries. After a short intro, we break out into dance on the ferry and turn it into a party boat. The ferry drops us off at a spot known for its street art. We stroll (and dance) to various cool party spots. Among them are a deserted pier, a construction crane turned into a hotel, and a former ship-building wharf.

Refreshment Drinks

After having burned the necessary calories, we sit down for a quick drink at an old, converted greenhouse – one of our favorite bars in the city. With our rejuvenated energy, we pick it right back up. We explore some of the hidden street art in the area and celebrate our own party. We slowly groove our way back to have the ferry take us back to our starting point.

Silent Disco Walk, Dancing in the Streets


Silent Disco for your Group or Company

The Silent Disco Walk is also available for your company or group of friends. Just send us a message and we will contact you asap. Looking forward Dancing with you!

Ready to Dance with us in the Streets of Amsterdam?

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