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Anne Frank’s Last Walk & Experience the Secret Annex in Virtual Reality

Couldn’t get tickets to the Anne Frank house?

We provide a great alternative that allows you to experience the hiding place of the Frank family in our innovative small group tour of Anne Frank’s Last Walk, with a Virtual Reality Tour of the secret annex. 

Anne Frank’s Last Walk

Anne Frank is Amsterdam’s most famous resident. Every year millions of people travel to Amsterdam to see where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis during WW2. In this small group tour, we will walk along the last 600m of the route Anne and her family took on their journey to their hiding place, and sadly their final home. Together, we will travel back in time to the Amsterdam of WWII and experience the emotion and hope of Anne Frank during the dark days of the war as her story unfolds.

As we walk around the local area we’ll see the famous Westerkerk, the outside of the house where Anne and her family were hiding for over 2 years and the beautiful Prinsengracht. Using Anne’s own words from her diary, we will learn about Anne, the ‘secret annex’, what she could see from her refuge and the influence her story has had on people in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Rather than a sombre story of loss and sorrow, this tour is also about tolerance and hope, because, as Anne wrote: “Don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”


Anne Frank House in Virtual Reality 

We will finish our tour at a cafe near Anne Frank House. Here you will have a drink and then enter into the Secret Annex via the magic of a virtual reality recreation (designed by the Anne Frank Foundation). As you enter virtually through the famous bookcase to the secret hiding place of the family Frank, you will find the rooms as though the Franks were still living here.

Unlike the actual house, the virtual house has all of the furniture and belongings in place, giving you a true feel for what it was like to live there in 1942-44. There will be no crowds of people, you will have the virtual house to yourself to explore at your own pace. We believe this is as close to the real thing as you can get, without stepping foot in the house. Ideal for people with mobility issues (the house does not have a lift or disabled access), or those who have been able to get tickets.

“The sun is shining, the sky is deep blue, there’s a magnificent breeze and I’m longing — really longing — for everything: conversation, freedom, friends, being alone.” – Anne Frank, February 12th, 1944

Meeting point: Max Euweplein 36, 1017 MB Amsterdam.
We will meet next to the big chessboard on the Max Euweplein.

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Tour duration: 2 hours

Included in the tour:
– Tour Guide (small group)
– A drink at our favourite local cafe
– Virtual Tour of the Secret Annex with our VR headsets

Not included in the tour:
– Tickets to the Anne Frank House
– Souvenirs

Anne Frank
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