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Are you short on time but still want to get a sense of what Amsterdam is all about? This is the tour for you. In this intriguing walking tour we share our quirkiest stories, the interesting history of Amsterdam, and some of the city’s most iconic places.

What we offer

Starting from our favorite tower in Amsterdam (Westerkerk) we stroll through the quaint streets of the canal district. From there we make our way through the more quiet streets to the river Amstel. We continue to the Magere Brug (The Bridge of Love) with lovely views of the Amsterdam boat scene. At one of the more hidden squares in the canal district we sit down for a refreshing drink under the trees.

After our short break we pick it back up to pass by and under the Rijksmuseum. We show you an old church turned into nightclub, the epicenter of Dutch clubbing. Passing by the central Leidse Plein, we make our way back to where we started, but not before showing you the most important museum in the city – the Anne Frank House.

Where we will be

  • Start at the kitschy Westerkerk, right next to the Anne Frank House
  • 9 streets – the most lovely streets in the canal district, known for its boutique shops
  • The vein of the city; the Amstel river sprawling with boats on a nice summer day
  • A quick drink at Amstelveld to regain some energy while enjoying the canal houses in the sun or under the trees
  • Magere Brug is the most iconic drawbridge of the city. Who knows, maybe you’ll witness a proposal

Our guides start their day with a sun dance, but in case of rain, please bring an umbrella and poncho so we can still enjoy the tour. Also, a good meal before the tour will make it a lot more enjoyable!

Duration: 3 hours
Time: 11am
– the best coffee of Amsterdam
– several little snacks to try

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